Friday, January 25, 2008

Praise for Eagles Fans

I love this article put out on FoxSports, claiming Eagles fans as "The Cadillac of NFL fans." Perhaps I'm biased because I am one, but it's definitely true. Philly fans, in general, are insane. Years of failure will make you insane. We'll boo the hell out of our own team if they play bad and muck up the entire season...but every single year, our hope and pride builds in the off-season, leading to massive crowds building up at Training Camp in my new home, the Lehigh Valley, and then another season starts. The trend exists with our other teams as well. I went to one Flyers game this season, and one fan from the other team had the audacity to cheer for her team multiple times. Had she been of the male persuasion, more severe consequences probably would have resulted, but she was met with an entire stadium booing her. But ultimately, the Eagles are the team. I've talked to homeless guys while tailgating for Phillies games about the prospect of the new Eagles season. Eagles fans have a special link to each other, no matter who you are (isn't that special?)

This NFL season hasn't officially ended, but the Eagles' season has, so the season has ended for us. Some people may still be bitter about how this season ended (especially since our mortal enemies are in the Superbowl), but I'm already awaiting next season. Considering how insane Eagles fandom has become, God knows what would happen if we won the Superbowl.

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