Monday, January 21, 2008

The Evolution of Communication

A recent IM (Instant Message) conversation opened my eyes to how lazy our communication has become...

Anonymous: we're going to S&S at 4
Me: S&S?
Anonymous: stp n shp
Me: good lord ur lazy

For those of you with your decoder rings out (Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!), trying to figure out what they were getting at, it was Stop & Shop (a grocery store). Now our acronyms have become acronyms for abbreviations! It reminds me of the wildly-annoying cell phone commercial where the kids are speaking in online acronyms (bff, jk, ttyl, etc etc). And my self-righteous, hypocritical response even had "online slang" (ur). I'm right there with the laziness that technology has created (less-so than others thankfully), but soon we're going to be adopting Ethiopian (or whatever it is...forgive my ignorance) clicking noises as our communication.


Mike said...

OMG l0lzzz!!!!11

Tom Whalen said...

OK, now let me think about this; Stop and Shop is considerably more predominant in New England than in the Middle Atlantic states. Who does Kevin know in New England? At least, who does he know that he would publicize thinking about their slothfulness? No, not Mike Vrable nor Teddy Bruschi. Could it be someone in CT????

KW said...

haha...nice one Mike

Alright Sherlock Holmes...It was Hilary