Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Starbucks is apparently playing with the idea of using a select number of their stores to sell a $1 cup of coffee. Shocking considering their coffee seems to average around $55 for a viente (not large...viente). They are also considering offering free refills in their stores. Now I don't know what kind of coffee this is going to be (probably bollocks as the English say) don't just make a 75% price cut on your coffee for no reason. It does look like their sales have gone down a bit, but they've fluctuated before...they're a freakin' powerhouse.

I think they've established themselves pretty well among the urban, business-class people who can shell out $5K a year on coffee. This move is probably a test to see how they can compete with the reasonably priced coffee retailers, like Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds, who already do offer their coffee in the $1-$2 range. I won't lie...I treat myself to some Starbucks once in a while and browse the J. Crew website with Hilary (sad but true...we're such wanna-be yuppies). But I'm pretty content with my 63-cent refills here at work (plus 7th cup is free!)


Mike said...

I get free coffee at work... and I still go to Starbucks. There are (literally) about 5 or so within a few minute walk from my office.

I like the seasonal coffee they have there, but THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to get there is the "Reduced Fat" Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake. I counteract the reduced fat by getting whipped cream on my cappucino.

Next time you're in Starbucks, pick up this tasty treat. You will not regret it.

KW said...

Yea I like the seasonal coffee too...and damn that sounds good, I'll have to get some of that.

Kev's awesome GF said...

Yea we really are a lot less cool than we want to be.

David Oblas said...

hey, you gotta love that 7th cup free deal!!