Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Give Your Dog a Treat

So my Mom got me this magazine that she found..."Beer." A magazine dedicated to beer news and can't beat that kind of reading material. I've only gotten through a few pages of the magazine, but I've seen some pretty interesting stuff already. I can tell that it's new and NOT widely distributed because there are a number of little grammatical errors. It's either that, or they drink beer (aka "do research") before they edit their issue.

Anyway, one little blurb they had was on beer for dogs. beer. Happy Tail Ale. Don't call the Humane Society! It's not really beer...a woman was inspired by an "accidental" incident in which she discovered that her dog liked beer. I know my brother's corgi, Midge, always sniffs around and salivates when I have a beer in my hand (but then again, she'd sniff around and salivate if I had gun powder in my hand). Anyway, the "beer" is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated, keeping in mind that dogs can not metabolize beer like us awesome homo sapiens. So what kind of flavor does this beer have? Is it a fruity ale? Blueberry? Apricot? Or maybe it's a darker, more traditionally flavored beer? has BEEF flavor. Yum! [Picture all of the dog owners who buy this, looking around to make sure noone is looking and regrettably give in to their curiosity]. What's better? A news clip on their site explains how the Governator was in the town where it's brewed and he bought some (noone is sure if he has any dogs though).

I don't know about this idea...I mean look at this dog - he obviously has a drinking problem!


David Oblas said...

The Governator drinks beef beer all the time!!

Edalene said...

Great work.