Friday, January 18, 2008

Burt Reynolds is the Man!

At 71 years old, Burt Reynolds is still a BAMF (if you don't know that acronym, listen to Dane Cook). I try to avoid the celebrity gossip unless it catches my eye, and "Burt Reynolds Will Kick You" definitely achieved that goal. Apparently, old Burt has gone bald in his elder years, so he has been resorting to a toupee. He claims that no matter how old he gets, his reputation precedes him as a crazy guy who will kick you if deemed necessary.

Pranksters in Hollywood, I'm sure, would love to snatch the wig off of Burt Reynolds. Burt's response to that: "If you can get it off my head before I kick all the air out of your body, let's do that."

Now the question it cooler to steal his wig and try to get away with it...or is it cooler to be able to say, "Burt Reynolds, a 71-year old man, kicked my ass."

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