Monday, January 14, 2008

NFC Hatred

So yesterday was a day of upsets for the NFL playoffs...

Prior to the NFC battle between the Cowboys and Giants, I pondered over the hatred I have for each team. I came to the conclusion that I hate the Giants more (although it was close), which therefore led me to hope that the Giants would lose (note: that I wanted the Giants to lose...NOT the cowboys to win). As it goes with what I want and what actually happens in the NFL, that did not happen. The Cowboys lost. Now, my hope is that Brett Fav-ruh can embarass the Giants.

However, I suppose one good thing did happen...TO cried.


Mike said...

Ah, you might hate the Giants, but NOT NEARLY as much as I loathe the Iggles.

Growing up a Giants fan near Philadelphia has had me having to put up with loud mouth, Andy-Reid-looking dummies whose biggest sports hero is a fictional character (Rocky).

Go blue.

KW said...