Friday, December 21, 2007

World Series Ball Destroyed!

As you are all (hopefully) aware, the Red Sox won the World Series this year. In game four against the Colorado Rockies, closer Jonathan Papelbon threw the last pitch to win the series. Naturally, Varitek gave him that ball. And naturally, his dog ate it.

Personally, I think it's just perfect (whether it's true or not). Papelbon is a nut...he defines the whole "jokin' around and having fun but playing good ball" philosophy that the Red Sox capture. Of course he would have a bulldog named "Boss." While some people may think, "how could you let that happen?," I think it's really not an issue. The ball from the 2004 World Series was important...that broke the curse. This ball was for Papelbon, and if anything were to accidentally happen to it...what better way to go than in a dog's mouth?

This would only happen to someone from the Red Sox. This wouldn't happen to the Yankees. They probably all own cats.

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