Wednesday, December 19, 2007

T.O. is a Baby

Ok, I know my superstition prevents me from writing about my favorite sports teams, but that doesn't prevent me from writing about the ones that I hate... (The Eagles are not really playoff bound this year whatever).

I just read an article that T.O. made a remark about the girlfriend of his QB, Tony Romo, who just happens to be Jessica Simpson (first of all, Jessica Simpson...are you serious? Tony Romo??) Jessica Simpson decided to support her boyfriend this past Sunday by going to the game. I forget who they were playing...oh yea! The Eagles! Long story short, the Eagles outplayed the so-called powerhouses of the NFC, the Cowboys, and won 10-6.

Looking back on the game, T.O. seems to think that they lost because Jessica Simpson was at the game. I'll give him a little credit...apparently all of the Cowboys fans and other teammates are into the conspiracy too. Well, you're all idiots. I'm superstitious...but I definitely would not place the blame of a loss on the appearance of someone's girlfriend. You lost because you were outplayed. The Eagles should have beaten you by MUCH more than 4 points (intentional knee by Westbrook at the end of the game aside)...they just could not capitalize on all of their red zone opportunities. And T.O...stop whining.


Mike said...

I would absolutely blame Jessica Simpson. That was bad news the second they showed her flaunting her upper half on screen while her lecherous Dad oogled her. I'm glad TO got it out in the open. Someone needed to say it. Jessica Simpson = bad luck for the Cowboys.

Of course, I've been saying since week 1 that the Cowboys were a fraud team. They're really not that good, which was the primary factor in losing to a terrible team this week.

KW said...

You're lucky I approved this "terrible team" comment for anyone who is taking Mike's side on the Jessica Simpson issue...don't trust him...he owns a Jeremy Shockey jersey

Tom Whalen said...

If Jessica Simpson really brings some bad Karma to the Cowboys, then I vote for letting her sit on the sidelines. And perhaps it should not stop there; let her date both Romo and Eli and go to the Giants games for bad luck - Oops, I forgot, Eli doesn't need anything else to look bad.