Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Movie News

I went to the movies on Monday for the first time in a while, to see I Am Legend. I was very intrigued by the movie from the previews, which gave you the impression that Will Smith was the last man on Earth (or atleast NYC), but did not really get into why that was the case. These days, movie previews can practically tell the whole plot, and what's the fun in knowing what will happen when you're watching a movie?

Anyway, the movie was awesome. Yes, CGI-created images of a barren NYC are impressive, but the progression and plot of the movie were both gripping as well. In retrospect, the movie was not all that original, combining aspects of what I saw as 28 days later and Castaway (a lethal virus and the survivalist persona who seems crazy from loneliness). However, it was shot very well and turned out to be quite suspenseful. And let's face it...what bad movie has Will Smith starred in? By the way, it's a good thing that they waited on this script and casted Will Smith, because apparently the script came onto the Hollywood scene about 10 years ago, and Will Smith was going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger (can you imagine Arnold being the last man on Earth? Scary.) Without giving away too much, the movie hints at the risk and disaster that man-made medicine can bring. If you're looking for some entertainment over the holidays, I would highly recommend seeing it - definitely a theater movie (as opposed to the "wait until it's out on DVD" movie).

In other movie news, after what apparently was a legal battle, Peter Jackson will be able to direct the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy...The Hobbit. Don't get too excited though...they're predicting the movie to be out in 2010, which means it probably won't come out until 2011-2012 (ok, it's weird typing new millenium years that are past 2009...I feel like George Jetson).

Just a reminder also...Jackass 2.5 should be streaming, starting today...I'm going to check it out later.

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