Monday, December 10, 2007

My Weekend

Since I'm sure everyone was wondering, I did have a nice weekend...thank you for asking. I went up to Fairfield University, my alma mater (that was the first time I referred to it as my alma mater) to see my girlfriend Hilary. Once I arrived on campus Friday night, I had the pleasure of picking up Hilary after her few hours of fun at another Senior Mug Night (an occassional event held at The Levee, the on-campus bar, which promotes $1 beers to seniors). We decided to grab a bite at The Circle Diner, and head to a party at the apartments, where Hilary resides.

On Saturday, we did what most college kids do on Saturday afternoons - nothing. We eventually decided to experience sunlight as we got ready to go down to Norwalk to catch The Polar Express at the IMAX theater in the Maritime Aquarium. I realized that The Polar Express, which I had previously seen on DVD, is meant to be seen in IMAX...but then again, what isn't? IMAX rocks! We grabbed dinner at a restaurant across from the aquarium called Papaya Thai, which was fantastic. In case any of you were wondering how wild boar tastes, it's delicious.

Sunday was another "bumming around" day, which in my opinion, are the best kinds of days. We had the pleasure of watching the Eagles blow another game, which was 'a lot of fun!' (...he said sarcastically). In other football news, Michael Vick got a sentence of 23 months in prison for his dogfighting charges...personally, I think he deserves it...don't mess with dogs!

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