Friday, December 14, 2007


Ok, I just HAD to make a quick post about this because it's awesome. I was never a wrestling fan (WWF, WWE, nWo, all that fake crap), although I always liked Macho Man Randy Savage from his awesome Slim Jim commercials...and his incredible rap album (yes, he actually put one out...he makes Dr. Dre sound like Marie Osmond). But now I have a newfound respect for Hulk Hogan. His show on VH1 is pretty entertaining, and amidst all of the divorce gossip with him, he's the new host of the revived American Gladiators.

My respect has grown, however, because of a comment he made yesterday to the press. When asked which celebrity he would like to see a Gladiator "pummel," he said Rosie O'Donnell without hesitation, because someone needs to shut her up. I don't really have any valid reasons to dislike O'Donnell but for some reason, she annoys're the man!

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