Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just wanted to bring a website to everyone's attention in case you have never been to it before...

[Warning: In case you happen to work at the same place that I do, you can't look at that site while on the network.]

The concept of the site is very interesting, and I think it is a genius business plan. It's been around for a few years, but I just caught on to it in the past couple months. They sell electronic-type items, ranging from headphones to sound systems to vacuums. A lot of these items are cool gadgets or unique items that you don't typically see, and they all have awesome prices (example - I bought a bluetooth this morning for $13 and that includes $5 shipping). By the way, $5 is what they charge for shipping regardless of what you get.

The kicker is that they only sell one item per day, until it sells out or until the clock strikes midnight...and the cycle continues...a new item every day. They have dubbed Tuesdays "2-for" or sometimes "3-for" Tuesdays, meaning they'll sell 2 or 3 of whatever it is they're offering for very cheap (this past Tuesday was 3 FM transmitters for what I think was about $15). They have also expanded into a wine-woot (selling wine and wine accessories) and tee-shirt-woot (selling graphic tees, a lot of which are user ideas). I've gotten into the habit of checking all 3 pretty much everyday. I think it's genius because I see how it's hooked me wants people to make the site a daily check because it's fresh and exciting.

What would I would like to see it expand into? dvd-woot and video-game-woot :-)


Anonymous said...

If you are into board games, toys and other type of entertainment, check out as they sell those things in the woot model.

KW said...

Thanks...I'll definitely have to check that out (when I'm not at work of course).