Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Final Post

Well guys...unfortunately I've come to the decision to end this blog. I know, I know...dry your eyes, get a tissue. Why am I doing this you may ask?

Well, I've been thinking about time as a major resource of mine lately. You may have noticed that I haven't posted as much in the last couple weeks. Well, let's put this into perspective...if I continue to average a few posts a week and spend, say about 30 minutes on each post, that's about an an hour and a half a week spent on this blog. That's atleast 78 hours a year, strictly spent on this blog.

3 1/4 days a year blogging...about 0.009% of the year, I'm blogging. That's almost 0.01%!!

And for what? I could be devoting that time to something more productive.

So, I'm going to take back that time and use it wisely. It's been fun...and it's been an experience. Thank you to everyone who read this blog, especially those who consistently read it and commented on it occasionally.

I realize that this blog is not legendary or anything, and only has a handful of readers, but I've been thinking about the last words to post on here. You gotta end with something powerful, you know? This is what I came up with...



David Oblas said...

To be honest, I was excited until the last 2 words... they really let me down!

Of course it probably would be more productive to play video games in those 78 hours...

KW said...

Dave's lying...I saw him reading this over at his desk...he was weeping like a little girl.

Mike said...

Forget about the blog posts, where's your tweets? You need to get with Twitter, man.