Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Richard Branson is truly...the man. Excuse me...Sir Richard Branson. The guy is one of the most successful businessmen in the world...but he definitely mixes work with pleasure. Yesterday, he pulled a prank at the CTIA wireless show...and man, those guys are gullable.

He announced to the huge crowd of mobile insiders that along with Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, they would be flying a solar-powered "Noah's Ark" to Mars. Their name, a combination of Virgin and Google of course, would be Virgle. Why a "Noah's Ark"? Because he said that they would be taking animals with them. Ultimately, their plan would be to put life on Mars and build a city there. At no point did anyone start fact, they started applauding. Branson continued by saying that the first people who would go may not come back, but the hope is that it will be beautiful by the time they finish building the city.

At the end, he asked for volunteers, at which point atleast 30 people came on stage...probably mostly to get a picture with Branson. Google did their end of the prank by creating a page about the project.

I admit...Richard Branson is crazy enough that people would believe him about something like this. Awesome April Fools prank though.

Speaking of April Fools pranks, I'd like to thank Dave for his successful decoration of magnets all over my car yesterday...not here at work in the parking lot, but in the parking lot of the apartments where I reside. My paranoid level has been elevated to orange.

Also, speaking of Virgin (uh oh, where's he going with this?)...the company Virgin...they announced the headliners of their festival in Baltimore this summer - Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, and Stone Temple Pilots. Pretty sweet basis for the festival I think. My brothers and I went to this 2-day festival last summer and had an awesome time. In fact, we saw Richard Branson walking through the crowd. Another reason I love the guy - I also saw him on the sidestage during Wu-Tang Clan.

Richard Branson ain't nothin' to f*** with!

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