Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Radiohead - Nude Remix

Well, Radiohead is at it again. I just got an e-mail about their new single, a remix of "Nude" from their recently released In Rainbows. In celebration of their release of this single, which they note, "we still have those in England" (singles), they have taken apart the original release of the track into "stems" for you to purchase.

Something that I've never done but would definitely like to get into is using music remix software to produce various mixes on songs, etc. Radiohead has made the stems available of this track (bass, drums, voice, guitar, and strings/FX), and is encouraging fans to purchase any or all of the stems and produce their own remix of the track. They have made a site for users to upload their remixes, which can be judged and voted on.

This is nothing new - people have remixed songs on their own for a long time. This is the first time that I have seen a band offer a track's stems and encourage fans to do it though...really cool. Radiohead is nailing all of the opportunities that the web gives bands. I hope they keep it up.

As for their online video contest, which I brought up a couple weeks ago as good usage in "the 5th P of Marketing," I've checked out a few of the videos that have been submitted which are pretty good...check them out here.

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