Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weed Beer

Ok, if you just read the title of this blog post, you would probably think it was about a beer brewed with weed. Well no, it's not, but there is a "Weed Beer" and it stirred up some controversy recently. Why the name? The town in which it is brewed, in Northern California, is called Weed. (Apparently tourists love the school buses in the town that say "Weed High" on the side but that's irrelevant).

The problem obviously is not that the name of their town is Weed. Federal alcohol regulators made a stink about the bottle caps, that owner Vaune Dillman (Dillman from Weed? too easy) already spent 10k on, which state: "Try LEGAL Weed." The agency said the wording, "could mislead consumers about the characteristics of the alcoholic beverage." The beer says "WEED" on the label! I'm pretty sure anyone who is not familiar with the town of Weed, California (which is probably a LOT of people) would see "Weed Ale" or "Weed Lager" on the shelves and get the wrong idea based on that...I think using the word "legal" is actually a small, but decent way to dispel those wrong ideas (even though it's purpose is probably mostly for humor). I'm sure the packaging also explains how the name comes from the town where it is brewed also.

Dillman makes a good point, questioning this so-called ban on drug references on alcoholic beverages. What about Hemp Ale? And why haven't they made any strides toward Rogue's Dead Guy Ale? Stone Coast Brewing in Maine has some borderline references...their 420 IPA is named for the brewing process, but who are they kidding? Besides, this controversy is happening in a California town...don't they give away prescriptions to medicinal marijuana like lollipops in that state?

I'm pulling for the Mt. Shasta Brewing company to win this battle.


Dan said...

How about Delerium Tremens? Isnt that the name for the condition alcoholics get when they get the "shakes"? I'd like to see some Crack Cocaine Lager and there must be an Ecstasy Ale somewhere. Good stuff - hope they market the crap out of their name and succeed in becoming the stoners choice of ale.

KW said...

Good call on the Delerium...although I don't think they really care what you name your beer in Belgium...they probably don't even have alcohol regulators.

You just reminded me though of the energy drink that was put out on the market and was pretty much only sold at 711's..."Cocaine"...that stuff tasted like fire but man did it get the job done.