Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Man vs. Beast

Does anyone remember that short-lived TV show called "Man vs. Beast"? Wow...what a great piece of American programming. I don't know why I got a flashback to this TV show, but I guess that's a sign that my brain officially does not work for anyone's benefit.

If you never saw the show, it's pretty self-explanatory...men compete against beasts. It makes sense that having looked it up on Wikipedia, apparently comedian Bob Levy directed all of the protest-inducing episodes. You know when you see images or scenes of the downfall of our country's IQ level, when it shows something so ridiculously dumb that it's funny? [see movie Idiocracy] Well...this show is a great example of that. I'm pretty sure that when God set out to create creatures of the earth to roam the land with man, (s)he didn't have televised competitions between the two in mind. But of course I loved the idea and watched every episode.

Some of the events included:
  • A Navy Seal vs. A chimp on an obstacle course (Navy Seal won)

  • A sprinter vs. a giraffe / A sprinter vs. a zebra (beat the giraffe, lost to the zebra)

  • A sumo wrestler vs. an orangutan in tug-of-war (orangutan won)

I'm pretty sure the one that killed the show was the large group of dwarves against an elephant in who could pull a jet to the finish line (guess who won that one?). And of course I can't forget my favorite competition of the show...

Notice: that host totally cursed Kobayashi at the end. "No human being...can beat you." Yea...except Joey Chestnut.


Katie B said...

I like the fact that when you referred to God using a pronoun later in the sentence you through in the parenthetical "s". Nice touch!

KW said...

Yea...that's my nod to the feminists.

David Oblas said...

That looks like a great show!! I'll hafta check it out more on youtube when I get home. Who won the midget vs. elephant battle? by the preview video it actually looked like the little people were doing quite well!

KW said...

Well Dave, I don't want to take away the suspense of it...you'll have to see for yourself on YouTube later.

William said...

"the bear is scooping them up, but obviously its got a very different approach to eating."
"but see he looks away and he takes a break because he doesn't KNOW it's a competition, he's just a natural eating machine"