Sunday, March 30, 2008

Remembering a Product

First of all, excuse my hiccup in posting. I know everyone must be dying for a new post...

Unique packaging was something I talked about a couple weeks ago, and going back to the theme of packaging, I just found something that I thought was interesting (from a great blog on the topic btw: The Dieline)...

With a product such as wine, the market is very saturated. Not only that, but for the most part, all wine comes in a bottle with a label on it (Franzia does not count). Some popular wineries have become the Budweisers of the wine world, but there are still so many small wineries around the world that are producing great wine. Therefore, it's quite easy for consumers to experiment with wine once in a while and love it...but then if asked what it was called a month later, they could easily forget. Plus, if they remember the brand, there could still be a number of varieties to have to remember. So how do you create a way for consumers to remember your wine? seems that some wineries have created little pull-off tabs with the name of the wine on them for consumers to take off once they are done with the wine:

You may think...well, I save the corks of wines that I enjoy. Well, that's true. I've seen websites on corks actually...another great idea. However, if you drink a lot of wine, that can lead to a lot of corks. And it's much easier to sort through labels to remember a wine than sorting through a pile of corks.

I started saving beer labels around Christmas-time, not merely for the simple fact of remembering the name, but also to save the often creatively designed efforts put into them. While this method of wine labeling does not allow you to save the entire label, the wine pictured has a fairly bland label, so it does not really matter. I think this is a simple, great idea. Plus, it probably does not add a whole lot to your production costs, especially when you consider its potential impact.

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