Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tenacious D New Album

The best headline I saw all day..."Tenacious D Recording New Album..." 2006 brought us the release of Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny, with the accompanying album of songs. The album for this movie is easily comparable to Tommy from The Who: a rock opera. I love sitting at work listening to my iPod on shuffle when one of the songs from this album comes on...songs such as "Papagenu (He's my Sassafrass)" or "The Government Totally Sucks."

About 50x better, however, is Tenacious D's first album, their self-titled debut from 2001. Jack Black and Kyle Gass aka KG put out this gem of songs and skits which gets more hilarious every single time I listen to it. To hear that "The D" is working on a new album warms my heart, even though it probably won't come out for a while.

Jack Black reportedly mentioned that they went back into the studio and they worked on atleast one song, which they are hoping will be included in a remake of 1981's animated Heavy Metal. I really hope that with a new album release comes a tour because I will not pass up another opportunity to see these "legends" live.


Mike said...

I saw the D play with Weezer way back when. Great stuff.

Also, every time a Jack Black movie comes out, I use it as an excuse to go to Pizza Hut with the guys. Tenacious D + Pizza Hut = a night my wife will never go for = guys night out.

I really can't wait for the new album, if it comes out.

Other true things:
1. My dad and I go to an Opera festival every summer. We listen to Tenacious D on every single trip.
2. Guitar Center sells a replica Pick of Destiny.
3. Nacho Libre is incredibly underrated.

I'm all giddy. Time to put on "Tribute".

KW said...

1. I hope you and your Dad sing along on your trips
2. If I see that pick next time I'm at a Guitar Center, I'll probably buy it.
3. You're right: Nacho Libre is hilarious. Can you believe that in 2006, Jack Black came out with that, Tenacious D:POD, and...The Holiday?? I agreeably went to see that because of my love for Jack Black but seeing him completely serious was disappointing.