Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Debut

You're probably aware that Jimmy Fallon is officially a late night host after the premiere of his new show last night in Conan's previous slot. I just turned my brain into "mushy mush" by watching most of it on Hulu and you can tell that he was a bit nervous, but he seemed to have done a pretty good job. I'm sure once he gets into the swing of it, he'll start doing a great job. Guests were Bobby De Niro (he lets me call him that), Justin Timberlake and Van Morrison. De Niro...well, he's De Niro...he doesn't have to say a word because he's the man. The highlight of the show was probably the interview with Justin Timberlake - I think they should probably give J-Timb his own show. His impressions of Michael McDonald and John Mayer were hilarious. See the JT interview here:

Now...it's obvious that Jimmy has the best band of all the talk show hosts in history: The freakin' Roots aka The Legendary Roots Crew aka The 5th Dynasty. I don't think anyone has ever flipped around the TV and said, "Gee, I'm going to put on Conan to see Max Weinberg" or "I want to hear what Paul Shaffer has to say tonight." The Roots, however, could definitely do that for people. They did an awesome job, but my only question is...who the hell is this bassist???

Leonard Hubbard needs to rejoin the group; unfortunately, he left the group about a year and a half ago (not sure exactly why), but he definitely looks way cooler jamming out than this white guy.

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