Wednesday, March 11, 2009

311 Day

There are few bands out there that have a day of the year dedicated to them by their fans...actually, probably only one: 311. Of course, it's convenient because their band name is completely numerical with numbers below 12. U2 screwed themselves with the U...10,000 maniacs? Not even close. Of course you could probably develop an entire conspiracy theory behind bands with numbers in them and star Nic Cage in the feature film.

But anyway, it's good that today, 3/11, brought 311 to my mind. It turns out that after a 3-year hiatus, they're putting out a new album and going on a Spring/Summer Tour. 311's more recent albums are not as good as their earlier stuff, but I like them because they never really sold out and they've stayed true to their style of play through the years. The new album is called Uplifter and they'll be touring with Ziggy Marley this summer.

They will be doing a live chat, starting at 9 PM Eastern (6 PST/8 CST) for the big fans. Usually they dedicate 3/11 day to an all-day concert, but it seems they passed that up this year. Also, buying something from their site today and today only (like perhaps, some 311 hot sauce!) will enter you into a drawing for multiple prizes such as concert tickets, signed merch, etc. I'm tempted to support the group and buy some 311 beer glasses or shot glasses, but then I realized that I have enough of those for a drink a day for the rest of my life.

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