Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Current Status of the Nintendo Wii

Remember back a year to a year and a half ago when people were selling their organs for a 6 month advance reservation for a Nintendo Wii? It had some tremendous buzz and Nintendo had created momentum for a video game system that arguably no other manufacturer or developer had ever done.

Now, Wii owners are twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the next worthwhile release. The Wii is without a doubt much different than the competing Xbox 360 and PS3...the Wii is a multiplayer interactive, fun, family-oriented system (though some of the "interactive" nature can humorously be misinterpreted:)

The PS3 and especially the 360 are putting out the best-sellers for the "true gamers": the single-player storyline shooters. But do developers for the Wii have to stick their guns and create fun games for the whole family? If so, then put out some games worth buying! The last Mario game released was Super Mario Sluggers, which was subpar at best. Mario Tennis is coming out in about a week, but how much better can it be than the simply-stated tennis game from Wii Sports that virtually every Wii owner has? It looks exactly like Super Mario Sluggers adapted to tennis. Some games that have potential on the horizon are The Ghostbusters and a remake of Punch Out.

But back to the question I posed...can the Wii release single-player games to compete with the other systems? Why not? I want to see some more games like Resident Evil 4. One issue when comparing systems is the controller...Wii has controller overload...the original controller, a nunchuk, a classic controller, the balance board and about 50+ add-ons for these. Apparently Japan is working on releasing "The Classic Controller Plus" which looks more like a Xbox or PS3 controller. My hope is that with the release of this comes a release of "gamer" games...

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