Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So the Top Chef season ended...if you didn't see the finale, and you plan to, stop reading. Otherwise, you know, or don't care, that Hosea won. The finale was pretty anticlimactic; it might of been more exciting had Fabio not been eliminated in the second to last episode.

I admitted my man-crush on Fabio in atleast one previous post, but I'm definitely not alone; he was voted fan-favorite. How could he not be with his funny Italian accent and his constant quips? I bring this up post-season because he may not have won "Top Chef" but I think he'll do just fine after his exposure on the show.

In addition to Bravo offering the "I <3 Fabio" t-shirt on their site, it seems that Fabio's been quite busy since the end of the show:
  • Ducati (Italian motorbikes): image licensing
  • Dr. Oetker Frozen Pizza: spokesperson
  • Pellegrino: "huge deal"
  • Food & Wine/Gail Simmons: "The Sparkling Life" national campaign
  • Deals in talks: Red Bull and Don Q Rum; many talk shows
  • Possible TV Show?
  • 2 New Restaurant Openings in California
  • 14-City Book Tour starting next month for new book: "Cafe Firenze"
  • 2nd Book in the works
  • Website launch: www.kidshealthcafe.com
Damn! In Fabio's words, "How 'bout that? Not bad at all!"

For those who are not Top Chef junkies, here is a little video to introduce you to this character:

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