Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NCAA Bracket

Ok first of all...yes, it's Tuesday morning (Happy St. Pat's). This post was supposed to be yesterday's and would have been, keeping my Lent goal of posting every day, had our Internet access not been out from about 9 PM on. So I'm still counting this as yesterday's post, and I'll be posting again later today...

March Madness. Tonight is the opening round of one of the most exciting championship tournaments in the world of sports: NCAA basketball. Now, when I say tonight is the opening round, I mean...tonight is the game to figure out who will lose against Louisville.

Atleast that's what I think...I'm picking Louisville to take the title this year. 2 #1 seeds and 2 #2 seeds in my Final 4: Louisville, Memphis, Duke and NC. I have Louisville over Duke in the championship game a couple weeks from now.

My upsets? In the first round, I have Dayton over West Virginia, Siena over Ohio St., Texas A&M over BYU, Utah St. over Marquette, Maryland over California, Temple over Arizona St., and Tennessee over Oklahoma St, which is probably WAY more than one should pick, but I'm committed. I have #1 seed Pitt losing to NC in the elite 8, as well as #1 seed UConn losing to Memphis in the Elite 8.

Here's my bracket (click to enlarge)...good luck to those putting money down this year.

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