Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sorry For the Hiatus...Top Chef Update

So...when I blogged about a month ago about Top Chef and mentioned that I would make an update once 6 contestants are left, I did NOT mean I would NOT post about anything else UNTIL then. I topics have been running through my mind left and right and yet I still managed to pull a 3 week stint without a single post...the longest stretch since this blog started.

That said, I'll have to fulfill the promise I made in my last post, and hopefully this post will get me back on track. If it doesn't, I'll post a video of me singing "Beat It" on Guitar Hero: World Tour...seriously...if that doesn't give me motivation, I don't know what will.

So on to Top Chef...which is on again tonight with 6 contestants left. It turns out I was 5 for 6: the final 6 are Fabio, Stefan, Leah, Hosea, Jamie and...Carla? Noone in their right mind is cheering for Carla and that includes her husband. Her bug-eyes bruise us and her comments about putting "love" into her food should have her automatically eliminated. And yet I have a feeling that she'll last another night. So who will bite it tonight? I'm going with Leah.

She flirted with Hosea, something abnormal in the Top Chef series, and it took her and Hosea off their game. I think Hosea will recover...I don't think Leah did last week and I think it'll screw her up tonight.

I'm still liking Fabio, but it's really hard to predict at this point who will win. Once it gets down and gritty, the judges throw some serious toss-ups to the chefs and it seems like they try to top it every season. What happens from here on out will happen, and I'm very excited to see it.

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