Friday, February 27, 2009

Beer Wars Movie

As I sip on the deliciousness of my Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and beam with excitement over the Southern Tier Cuvee Series 1 AND 2 that I picked up tonight (Many thanks go to Mario, the manager of the local "New England Beverage Company" who offered the LAST Series 1 in the store from behind the counter), I can only blog about something near to my heart: beer and movies. In today's case, a perfect combination: a movie about beer.

For those who are not really into drinking beer, you still might notice that, although it's been around for a long time, a movement is happening as we speak with craft beer. Beer/Liquor stores are putting more microbrews on the shelf...the bars near you are offering more than Guinness...there are tastings in your festivals...or if you're lucky enough to live in or near Philly next week, an entire WEEK devoted to beer.

(Excuse me...need a fresh beer)

Ahhh...where were we? Oh yes...the beer movie: Beer Wars. A filmmaker named Anat Boron is delivering this movie, released one night only (April 16th) in one of your local theaters: you can check where it's playing here. I just bought my tickets and am definitely excited to see craft beer represented on the big screen. I wish that it had a bigger budget so that, assuming it is an informative and convincing film (which I'm sure it is considering the interview list), it would attract those that continue to buy Budweiser because it's the "patriotic" beer. Folks...if you want to be patriotic, you'll support the MANY American microbreweries that are releasing quality, tasty me, they taste much better than Bud Heavy.

Here is the trailer:

So buy tickets...spread the word...and most importantly, buy and enjoy the delicious art in a bottle that is being offered all over the country.

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