Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chris Brown-Rihanna Situation

There's something in the air in the world of celebrities and athletes lately...first Phelps, then A-rod, then this past Sunday...Chris Brown. Chris Brown may not be as well-known as the other two, but in the music world, he's become a pretty big name, known for his pop songs and MJ-inspired dancing. He fulfilled the Paparazzi dream and formed a celebrity relationship with fellow hip-hop/R&B/pop artist Rihanna.

Chris Brown has seemed like a clean-cut, Momma's boy type of guy for the past 3 years, since he came into the music world at the age of 16. He advertised for Doublemint Gum for God's sake. Well the shit hit the fan for Brown this past Sunday on the way to the Grammy's with his girlfriend Rihanna. Like I said before, I sympathize with Phelps and think his situation was blown out of proportion.'re a cheater just like the rest. Chris Brown, you've lost everyone's respect.

Apparently when driving from a pre-Grammy party to the awards in a Lambo, Chris Brown and Rihanna got in an altercation. The story goes that he pulled over because they were fighting and Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them out of the window. When Chris Brown got out of the car and couldn't find them, he apparently made death threats to Rihanna, choking her to the point of unconsciousness and there were apparently some bruises on Rihanna's face.

WTF??? Chris Brown has apparently grown up in an abusive household, as he has talked about on talk shows, which of course he has followed up by mentioning his respect for women and his feeling that women should not have to go through what he saw his mother go through. I'm sorry that he had to grow up with that, and can't imagine having to live with it, but're 19. You're a man. You broke the ultimate rule...NEVER abuse women.

Doublemint dropped Brown's endorsement...and his Got Milk? stations are pulling his songs off the air...a NY radio station is even having a "Shred Chris Brown CDs and Posters" Day appropriately on Friday the 13th. And oh yea...his SESAME STREET episode? That's out the window. Your career is f-ed man...and for good reason. You're the new Bobby Brown.

I stated a protest of Kellogg's on Monday...and I was serious...but a ban on everything that is Chris Brown...this is very serious.


Mike said...

And while we're at it, ban Akon and R Kelly. They're a bunch of low life no talent "artists" that think they can do whatever they want with no retribution. MTV and BET continue to glorify them, though.

They've made no contribution to society, and unfortunately, if the R&B and Hip Hop community doesn't produce more talent to counteract the thugs they produce, the industry will kill itself off. 2pac was a thug, but he was talented. Joe Jackson beat his kids, but they could sing. And it used to be that the thugs were the exception, not the rule.

Such is not the case anymore. Rihanna? Terrible music, terrible over-exaggerated voice. Chris Brown, R Kelly? Again, that goat voice. Chris Brown beats up women, R Kelly molests kids. Akon? Beats up 14 year old white guys on stage, dry humps 14 year old black girls on stage. Oh yea, and he sings about as well as the robotic voice that any Garmin GPS has to tell you when to "turn left IN 5 hundred. feet." DMX? Whines about how back in the day, jail used to be fun and they didn't have to wear pink jumpsuits. This is a guy who's biggest talent is barking like a dog.

My GOD. Please bring us back to the old days of Gladys and Smokey - you know, the days when people who should have talent, did.

KW said...

I definitely agree that the R&B and Hip Hop industry is in the toilet. Producers try to make beats that stick in your head, much like my recent post about ad jingles. That or they just steal someone else's song, add a couple more drum loops and make a pathetic attempt at rapping over it. Or digitally enhance voices.

There are SOME talented rap artists but they're less popular, as is often the case in any genre of music.

DMX definitely sold out once "Party Up" came out but his early stuff was good. He used to be far from the likes of R Kelly and Akon and the rest of those "ring tone rappers."

Dan said...

totally agree - Ive never been as crazy into hip/hop and R&B as you guys but I really cant stand the industry now. Except -how about the Roots? - Amazingly talented as a group, smart well-written lyrics and I, for one, applaud that they are becoming the house band for the new Jimmy Kimmel show - they are doing it to be closer to home and their familys - good for them and they will have the honor of being the best late night band ever. I've had the pleasure of seeing them live at least 3 times and they are excellent. AND they are from Philly to boot!