Thursday, February 26, 2009

Move Aside Guitar Hero

Are you a Guitar Hero addict but struggle to admit it because of its evil sacrilegious association? Well fear not...take action against your addition this Lent with the Guitar Praise!

Ok...I fear for the direction that I'm going in by poking fun at something associated with religion. The horrible jokes that can be made are just too easy. But I just can't help but laugh at this apparently real product that I stumbled upon:

Guitar Praise's real. They even have a "Dance Praise" in the style of Dance Dance Revolution. Guitar Praise is a version of Guitar Hero, but instead of the demonic music of Black Sabbath and Michael Jackson, it features ALL Christian music. You know...that music that they have infomercials about to try to get you to buy like a 30 CD Set of songs with lyrics such as, "Our an awesome God"

My worry is that conservative parents out there restrict their children to listening to Christian Rock, if anything. If that's the case, chances are they'll restrict them to playing Guitar Praise. If you have the freedom to be exposed to all types of music, and you're moved by Christian Rock on your own volition, good for you. People are moved by all kinds of music, so there's no reason to judge anyone for listening to Christian Rock...some of it's pretty catchy. I just hope that young children have the option to listen to what they want. Music is a big part of many people's lives; I listen to music every day and I can't imagine what life would be like without it.

That said, this thing costs 150 freakin' bucks for a 2 guitar package that runs off of a computer! What's up with that??

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