Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Making Use of Beer Labels

You may remember back in March that I mentioned starting to save beer labels, both because a lot of beer labels are very creative and because I want to remember the beers that I've had. The labels have piled up and here and there, I've pondered over what I could do with them.

Well, in the most recent issue of Beer Magazine, there was a small clip of an artist who creates pieces out of beer labels. You can check out his website for pictures of the things that he has made, but in words, he puts together designs out of beer labels. For example, an outline of Germany made from German beer labels, a collage of Octoberfest/Fall beer labels, and just other shapes and designs.

Well, call me an idea thief, but I'll call it inspiration because now my mind is tossing around some ideas for creating something in the same way from my beer labels. Many thanks go to the inspiration, Devin - I like your work man, but considering all of the beer labels that I have, I'd rather create my own. This will require going through my collection thus far and probably more collecting, but stay tuned for my blueprint and hopefully final creation.

Speaking of final creation, my first batch of home-brewed goodness has made a trip to the fridge today because it's ready to go. I'll be taste-testing it tonight...more to come...

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