Friday, October 10, 2008

Google Goggles

Those cool folks working at Google came up with another cool little gadget. Since the adaptation of cell phones, the concept of "drunk dialing" has become a common phrase, meaning to make calls when drunk. Obviously, this can be dangerous because when drunk, it may seem like you're having the most intelligent conversation with the Dalai Lama when in reality you're just drooling and speaking gibberish to your boss at 3 am. Similarly, when around computers, people can make the same mistake through e-mails.

Well Gmail users can rest assured now with Mail Goggles (I think they should have named it Google Goggles). Once enabling this feature, the default application of it is all night on the weekends, but you can obviously change those settings. What it does is when you click "send" during those set times, a pop up box appears with 5 math problems according to the difficulty you set for it. You have 60 seconds to solve them correctly, otherwise the e-mail will not send. The math problems don't seem incredibly difficult, even at the highest setting, but I guess when you're drunk enough to be sending improper e-mails, they'd probably look like trigonometry.

Here's what it says when you get them wrong:

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Kathleen said...

THIS IS BRILLIANT!! If only Facebook could set up the same thing!

And very creative with the "Google Goggles"...I like that better.