Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wii Fit

So I tried the Wii Fit for the first time over the weekend and was lucky enough to get my own copy thanks to my brother. I think it's pretty cool but wanted to clarify a couple of things:
  • There was a debate over how "harsh" the game could be to people because it initially measures your BMI and places you in the official BMI ranking, which ranks from "underweight" to "obese" - BMI is nothing new though...it's the truth, it's not harsh. Hopefully this game can become effective for everyone though which I think it can definitely do.
  • The Wii Age - after a "balance test," the game gives you an age - I think the game should allow the user to practice this balance test more before actually giving the test because I'm guessing most people can not adjust to it as quickly as it expects you to (case in point: over the weekend, granted I had attended a beerfest earlier in the day, it gave me a Wii Age of 42...today, it gave me 25)
  • The game seems like more of a single-player effort, despite its 2-player jogging exercise (and possibly other 2-player activities) - multiple people can play it but you need to go back to the login to choose your respective profile first. At first, I thought this could be improved, but then I thought it was OK because some of these activities should be done alone in the privacy of your room. Especially the Hula Hoop (this is my brother...Sorry Pat):


Tom Whalen said...

Does Patrick know you posted that video clip??

KW said...

He sure does. I'm sure he could get even with me somehow...but I'd have to call him out to create a blog in order to do that.

Speaking of, I haven't seen any new posts from you lately...