Monday, June 2, 2008

Subway $5 Footlongs

I'm currently eating a $5 footlong from Subway for lunch. I went in there, conscious of this $5 footlong craze, with the mindset that I would only get a 6-inch sub. In the past year, of practically all the times that I went to Subway, I got a 6-inch sub. So why did I budge? It was more economical to get a footlong for $5 than a 6-inch sub for somewhere between $4-5. Why would I pay $5 for something that I could get 200% of for the same price?

I understand this limited-time promotion of the $5 footlong is to combat the decline in footlong sales that had been happening due to more interest in the 6-inch sub. But how long is this promotion going on for? I'm guessing they are trying to build a restored interest in buying a footlong, but is that really going to boost footlong sales after the price goes back up? Not for me - I'm going straight back to the 6-inch sub, if I even go back anytime soon amidst all of this confusion.

On the other side of it, if buying from Subway with someone else, it can do wonders. This was the case on my last visit to Subway, when Kathryn and I decided that we both wanted an Italian sub so just split the 5 dollar footlong, thus both getting a 6-inch sub for $2.50. But it will fall apart if you are visiting Subway with someone with clashing taste buds. There is also the option of eating half and saving half for later...but who wants Subway for lunch and dinner?

Is this whole promotion idea reflective of the Subway brand? The brand that encourages people to choose them over other fast-food joints as a healthy alternative by even making the nutrition fact comparison on their napkins? What's Jared doing with this dilemma - still choosing 6-inch subs or getting footlongs? [scratch that - he probably eats for free]

And now I'm done lunch...with a few inches left to spare.

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