Monday, June 30, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008

Yesterday was the final of the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Euro Cup 2008, between Germany and Spain, essentially the World Cup if Europe were its own world. The game was tense, physical and very exciting. I'd post a video from YouTube with highlights, but UEFA is strictly against posting on YouTube and it would probably be removed within a day. Highlights can be seen here at ESPN:

ESPN UEFA Euro 2008 Final Highlights

Spain overcame the powerhouse that is Germany, becoming European champions, a claim to fame that they have not had in 44 years. The sole goal belonged to Fernando Torres, a 24 year old who I really respect despite the fact that his club team is Liverpool. It's hard not to respect a soccer player who has earned the nickname El Nino, which I believe is Spanish for...the nino. To say that his goal was well-earned is an understatement...the goal was pure hussle by Torres and noone can dispute that.

I feel for Michael Ballack from Germany, the Chelsea midfielder who recently experienced coming in 2nd from the Champions League Final decided by shootout. I can't imagine coming so close to ultimate victory twice, just to come up short twice. I'm sure he'll come out flying in the World Cup in 2010 though. That said, I'm very glad that this final was settled by goals and did not have to be settled by shootout. Congratulations to Spain!


David Oblas said...

El Nino... spanish for the nino... is that a Chris Farley joke? sounds very familiar

KW said...

Yes, that was the point. SNL sketch.