Monday, June 23, 2008

NJ Craft Brew Beerfest

Well, it's official...I've gone to a beerfest on a battleship...twice. Per advice from a wise retired Navy Captain, we were respectful of the fact that we were on a battleship. I did laugh when a couple guys started "playing Battleship" in the bathroom by yelling out "B5!...D13!...Hit! You sunk my battleship!" followed by, "I wonder how many times that joke went around today." Hilary, Dan and I had a great time sampling some really good beer though. As Dan eloquently put it, "This is like...the best event...ever." Beers sampled included:
I think I may have left out a few, but we easily came to the consensus that the best beer was from Basil T's: both the Stout and Brown Ale were delicious. We sampled both more than once.

If you remember, I blogged about "the Lewis Black of beer," the guy from Cricket Hill Brewery. He was indeed there and he made a snidey response to my request for an IPA which I obviously should have known they were out of. Thanks Pal...I'll dedicate my next Coors Light to you!


Mike said...

Basil T's is like 5 minutes from my house. Not only good beer, but GREAT food there too.

They have a beer sampler you can order as well. I'm sure it's similar to what you got on the Battleship.

KW said...

Yea if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, we gotta hit that place up dude.

David Oblas said...

so i hovered over Hilary's name to see what u linked it to... needless to say, i'm not impressed!

KW said...

Yea that was supposed to be funny.