Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl - The Game

"Tonight doesn't take away from anything we have done over the course of the season," New England quarterback Tom Brady said. "We had a great year. It's just unfortunate that tonight turned out the way it did."

Call me cruel, but had any other team in the NFC (besides the Cowboys) beaten the Pats last night, I'd be happy. I don't like the Pats organization, and the hype surrounding their undefeated record was just begging to be smashed. I think Brady had to comment on their season, but I disagree that last night didn't take away from it. Yes, maybe unlike most Superbowl losers, you will be'll be remembered as the team who had a perfect season and blew it when it counted.

I'll reluctantly give credit to the Giants...they did what needed to be done. They rushed Tom Brady in what seemed to be every damn play. Aikman commented on how Brady was forced to quickly throw the ball because he wasn't getting any time in the pocket. I believe that was toward the end of the 3rd quarter. It took the team 3 quarters to adjust to the rush? Where's the so-called genius coaching with that one? The Pats had to know that would be the Giants' game plan from the start. The Pats O-line just got crushed. I don't even know what to say about the Pats' decision to go for it on 4th and 13 when you're in field goal range...just stupid.

It's crushing to know that the Giants organization and their fans will hold this victory over their heads for a long, long time. If it were the Eagles that did it, I know I sure as hell would. But come September, it's a new season...I'll just avoid Giants fans until then.


Tom Whalen said...


My hatred for the Giants, as you well know, is only exceeded by my animus toward the Yankees. That said, my hat is off to them; they wanted it more, they played far better (the score should have been worse), and they richly deserve the Championship. I can only look forward to the Fall and the hope that the Eagles will humiliate them.

KW said... know I've been wondering...

The Eagles rushed Tom Brady a lot back in November when they played...I think they had a few sacks.

You think the Giants might have watched some tape from that game?


Mike said...

Go blue!

Thanks for the kind words guys. It was truly an awesome game.

As far as the Giants learning to sack sack Brady from the Iggles... well, can't say that I really agree there - you're talking about a team with over 50 sacks this season, with multiple guys racking up 10+ sacks.

NFC East will be fun next year - especially when McNabb gets traded and you have to bring some new QB up to speed.