Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Radiohead Will Tour!

As Radiohead gets older, I worry about them ever touring again. Especially since they are very "green" and concern themselves over the environmental impact of touring around the world...and they all have families. But I was very hopeful following their huge success in (almost) pioneering their method of offering their new album online for whatever you want to pay. Critics believed that after what they wrongly claimed was a failure (their online experiment), they would not sell a lot off of their physical release of the album. Well they were sorely wrong...the album topped charts abroad and in the U.S.

It's ironic because Radiohead became one of my favorite groups in high school, when "illegally" downloading was at its peak. I got all of their albums online, for free. Then once they offered their album potentially for free, I actually paid money for it...out of respect and the fact that I knew the money was going directly to them. Perhaps I was unintentionally right to not buy their albums previously because they were not getting the percentage that they deserved off of those sales (ok, maybe I'm stretching it a bit).

What's important (especially these days, for ANY band) is that I will absolutely pay top dollar to see Radiohead live whenever they tour. I've seen them twice before and both shows were easily among the best musical experiences I've had. So, I'm really excited to find out that they are touring again this summer.

They will start in select U.S. cities in May, then tour around Europe, then come back to more, larger cities in July/August (like Philly). So stay alert for alerts.

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