Thursday, February 7, 2008

Guitar Rising

Did anyone watch the South Park spoof on Guitar Hero? Guitar Queer-O? Stan's Dad (probably my favorite character) watches as Stan and company play Guitar Hero and decides to bust out his real guitar and play the real songs (which of course everyone thinks is lame). Then Stan's Dad tries out playing the game and can't hit a single note.

Point is...I love Guitar Hero...but it doesn't really have anything to do with playing real guitar. I love how when I played, people were like, "oh well you play bass guitar so that helps." Not really.

Here's where Guitar Rising comes in. Expected to come out late this year, it's a program that will come with a USB connection for real guitars (the ones that make real noise when you play them). It looks just like the Guitar Hero games, but it allows you to learn guitar because you're learning the actual notes and progressions (this means 6 strings and a pick...not green-red-yellow-blue-orange buttons and a "strum-bar"). Now kids (and adults like me) can actually have a real shot at becoming a Guitar Hero!

P.S. I know...I italicized "real" like 5 times in this post.


Mike said...

That's real cool.

Kev's awesome GF said...

Oh shutty- don't turn your back on Guitar Hero now! I remember fighting endlessly for your attention when I first gave it to you. PS- now I love it, too.