Friday, February 29, 2008

Philly Sports News

Free agency is the hot topic in the NFL right now, as teams consider who to cut and who to look at. The Eagles made a pretty bold move yesterday, and I think it was the right thing to do. They cut Jevon Kearse a.k.a. The Freak. When he came to Philly 4 years ago, it was exciting. He was a huge addition and everyone expected big things from him. Unfortunately, four years later, he doesn't have a whole lot to show for it, and it's a shame because he's such a likable guy. The Eagles need to make some big moves to have a successful season next year though, and I think this was one step in the right direction.

As far as free agents go, one of the (only?) big ones is CB Asante Samuel, who is visiting the Eagles today. He played for the Pats for the last 5 seasons, and he's a major contributer to my bitter animosity toward the Pats (in other words, he's an asshole). I think he would contribute to our defense, but I'm just not so sure I could get past his persona in an Eagles jersey. The Eagles need to be looking at receivers.

Moving to another sport that everyone in the world except us call football, it looks like Philly will finally get their own MLS team. Speculations are that this could do big things for the weak image that the MLS has right now despite their "big move" ("big paycheck offer") in getting Beckham to come to LA. It'll be a couple years before the team starts, pending the building of the stadium, but I know I'll definitely be interested in going to some games.


David Oblas said...

No matter who the eagles let go or pick up, it won't help them much. They're going to finish 10-6 next season, making a wild card playoff birth, but then they're gonna lose horribly in their first post season game. That's my prediction.

oh, and was the big Beckham paycheck offered in Dollars or Euros? cuz he would be an idiot to accept it in dollars these days..

KW said...

I don't care what you predict Dave.

Good point about the weakness of the dollar, however, he signed a 5-year, 250 million dollar contract, so I don't really think he needs to worry about it.

David Oblas said...

yeah, but what is that, like 37 euros?

KW said...

250,000,000.00 USD


164,538,584.59 EUR

Still about 38 mill Euros per year - I think he'll be OK.

KW said...

Well, obviously Andy Reid doesn't value my opinion because I know he read this post.

Asante Samuel signed for $57 mill.