Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nike Football Ads

I love the last couple of Nike Football advertisements that I've seen. And football in this sense is the "football" that most associate with outside of the United States. [Not American Football] Who was behind the naming of all of these sports anyways?

One of these commercials came out a while ago and I first saw it online, but also saw it during some of the UEFA Euro Cup games on TV. It's a cool first-person view of being a player and it can definitely extend the boundaries internationally considering soccer/football is watched all over the world. It just might annoy the haters of Club Arsenal considering that team is the focus:

The other one that I just saw, I'm guessing, is being televised in Italy considering it's an Italian player (both nationally and as a club player for AC Milan): Andrea Pirlo. It's another one of those "is this real or what" kinds of sports ads (I'm leaning toward the "what") but either way, it's amusing:

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