Thursday, July 10, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

I'd be curious to know how many people are going to be "sick" next Friday, July 18th, opening day of easily the most buzzed about movie this year, if not in the past few as well. NY Times wrote an article about theaters already selling out of the midnight showings, in addition to the 3 am screenings. This has led to theaters across the country scheduling 6 AM shows...6 freakin' AM! These movie theaters better consider selling breakfast food - "Bacon N' Batman" would sell to me.

I remember going to see a midnight screening of Star Wars: Episode III. Thankfully, other people were willing to save us seats far in advance, but people had been sitting in that theater all day with laptops, running a Star Wars DVD marathon. There's no doubt people are planning on watching every Batman movie before going to the theater for this one - personally, I watched the most recent Batman Begins a couple of nights ago. And I could go for the first two - Tim Burton did an awesome job with those. But Joel Schumacher did a half-ass job with the 3rd and 4th ones, even though Arnold is hilarious:

It's incredible how a superhero franchise can include films with that nonsense and the one that will be coming out next week. It's also incredible how film releases are capable of creating buzz and selling nowadays. With online sales of tickets, weeks in advance of a release, films are becoming like concerts. Demand has grown for certain releases like this to be seen immediately. Let's hope the scalpers stay away.


Tom Whalen said...

Face it; this would be no where as big as it is if Heath didn't bite the big one.

KW said...

Definitely a valid point - it's hard to say though. There was a lot of buzz about its release back in December/January before his death. The fact is, dead or not, people would be considering it one of his best performances. Either way, it looks like he deserves it.

David Oblas said...

I know that when I heard about this movie being made, I couldn't wait to see Heath's portrayal as the Joker. Regardless of whether he's dead or not, I still believe it may be one of his best performances ever.

Also, I love Arnold in that movie... classic!

KW said...

Ok, this is hilarious:

Batman: The Dark Knight - Michael Bay's Script