Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well...I am officially a Pennsylvanian. I exchanged my New Jersey license for a Pennsylvania license this afternoon. My parents and I entered the license building, took our numbers (C153-C155), and got ready for an exciting afternoon once we heard "DING" and saw a flashing "B955." The whole process took about 2 hours, so I sacrificed some precious saturday afternoon TV watching, but whatever.

Tommorow...the release of Guitar Hero III. Chances are that if I get my hands on a copy, you won't see any posts from me until my hands go numb from shredding on my "Reaper" (yes, my wireless guitar controller is actually called "The Reaper"...and just so you all know, my girlfriend bought it for me). But anyways...maybe I'll enlighten everyone with my progress tommorow.

I'm skeptical to write about sports in this blog, because as a Philadelphia fan, I am very superstitious. I'll leave it at that.

I'll also let it be known that I do not like Prince, or the Artist, or the Artist formerly known as Prince, or whatever the hell his name (or symbol) is. I heard this week that he was suing a family because they posted a video of their little son dancing to one of Prince's songs on YouTube. You gotta be kiddin' me! Personally, I liked the Limp Bizkit version of "Party Like it's 1999" which I believe they played at Times Square on MTV after the ball dropped to bring in '99 (I was so clever!) Other than that, the only thing I've enjoyed that is related to Prince is that skit that was on Chappelle's show, where Charlie Murphy and his crew lose a basketball game to Prince and his crew.

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David Oblas said...

well perhaps you should post performance notes and pictures/vids of you playing guitar hero. that'd be cool (c: