Thursday, October 25, 2007

First Post!

Welcome to my millions of obsessive fans eagerly waiting for the monumental unleashing of my blog...your day has come. No seriously...My name is Kevin and I am currently an intern on the Web Team for Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania. This is my first attempt at a blog, which I am hoping will become a habit for me and a roller-coaster ride for you (or atleast one of those quarter rides outside of the supermarkets). I am still working on topics that I can cover in this blog, but my bulleted list currently includes travel, books, entertainment, or just whatever comes to mind (like my first experience in a Panera this afternoon - I know, gripping stuff!)


David Oblas said...

Personally, I think those quarter rides outside K-Mart are the best! (c:

Haicooo said...

I favor the rides at Wal-Mart myself! Obsessively waiting for the next installment!