Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

Let me direct everyone to the LVH blogs on the left side. Both Dave and Kathryn are on the web team here at LVH. Hopefully Gail, the other member of the web team, will start a blog also. The next step after that? World domination.

So it turns out that Dave bought Guitar Hero 3 for Wii last night, after we briefly discussed my progress yesterday. This morning we pulled into opposing parking spots at the same time and found out that we had both played the game last night until we beat Slash (from Guns'n'Roses). Opposing parking spots and coincidental defeats of Slash? You tell me that's not metaphorically suggesting a guitar battle!

I carved another pumpkin last night since my first one (the Eagles logo) deteriorated (hmm another metaphor?) I'll post pictures later (check out Dave's jack-o-lantern pics in his blog!)


Anonymous said...

Kevin, We forgot to tell you that tomorrow morning, 11/1, is our 8:30 staff meeting. So, if you get this message, show up in the large conference room around the corner at 8:30. No need to dress up.

Anonymous said...

Hey?! What about the sweet pumpkin next to the Eagles one? I wonder where it came from...

Whoever carved it is pretty crafty, though.