Friday, May 8, 2009

Philadelphia Union

My feelings about the MLS, Major League Soccer, the league formed here in the USA, are mixed. I believe that the competition in European leagues, particularly the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, is far superior. Everyone knows that "football" will always be much more popular in practically every country outside of the US. However, I am definitely pleased to see that the MLS has gained some popularity over the past few years, a defining moment of which was of course the enormous contract signed by David Beckham.

I think that another moment will increase the popularity of the MLS: the addition of a new team based in Philadelphia. Obviously I'm biased because I'm a Philly sports fan, but I don't think anyone can argue that Philly sports fans are some of the most passionate fans in the country. Yes, they may be known more for their aggressive nature which will always be exemplified by the time snowballs were thrown at Santa at an Eagles game. But far worse things happen at soccer stadiums across Europe.

The news that a team will be formed in Philly is old news, but I bring it up because the team name and logo will officially be announced on Monday. Like practically anything that's trying to be kept under wraps, the information has already been leaked onto the web. The team will be known as "Philadelphia Union" with a blue and gold logo containing a snake (don't tread on me).

I look forward to finally having a team that I can get behind in the MLS next year and seeing the new stadium that they'll play in. Chances are they'll cause heartbreak, but that's inevitable; they're a Philly team.


Mike said...

Yea... but it won't *really* be a Philly team. Have you been to any MLS games? It's all pencil thin dudes and people from South America and Mexico. Every other sports franchise in Philly has fans that look like Andy Reid around the midsection and often have the same stupid mustache.

I'm looking forward to rooting against the "Union" when my Red Bulls are playing them.

KW said...

Well true, it's Chester, PA.

But *really* that would be more of a Philly team than your "New York" Giants considering it's in the same state.

Andy Reid's mustache is awesome. Don't be jealous because trolls like Coughlin can't grow facial hair.

What happened to your roots in Philadelphia sports other than football? I seem to remember attending a 76ers game with you and taking some Phillies tickets off your hands in the past. But oh well...I guess I'll have to root against "your" Red Bulls.

Mike said...

I really only care about the Giants. The rest are just recreational enjoyment. Sure, I've seen my share of Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers games. I'll root for them over most teams.

My point still stands, however, that soccer fans are a different breed than the rest of the "American" sports fans - especially the Philly fans.

KW said...

Oh I agree with you on that one. Part of it is because how our country views gets VERY minimal coverage on ESPN and jokes fly around about it every day. Americans don't respect the game at all and so US fans are kind of outcasts.

That said, I haven't really been able to gauge the Philly soccer fan base. I went to a European match in Philly (Chelsea v Milan) and it seemed to be a lot of European people (including a group of 40-50 year olds who brought an entire keg to tailgate with and were singing chants the entire time) at the game and young people that played soccer themselves.

Mike said...

I saw Beckham when the Galaxy played the Red Bulls. There were some European fans, but it seemed to be mostly South American/Mexican fans there. Not sure what Philly would draw.

In all seriousness, walking through the tunnel at Giants stadium was amazing - I've been there dozens of times, but at the Red Bull games, the average waist size was LITERALLY half of what it was at your normal Giants game.