Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Save Three Sheets - Rally in LA & NYC!

Just last week, I posted about one of my favorite shows and its struggle to get resigned to another network after the ceasing of operations of its original network, MOJO. I mentioned that on his website, you can choose from a list of networks to email in an effort to fight for Zane Lamprey's occupation as a TV drinking host.

Well...news has been released that Zane is rallying next week!!! And by rallying, he means pub crawling of course. Here are the dates and locations:
  • December 16: LA
  • December 18: NYC
I can't figure out why Milford, CT wasn't the third option...but whatever. Oh yea...it's because no TV executives live here. In both locations, Zane will lead hundreds of fans on routes in supposed areas where TV execs linger, in hopes that an enormous ruckus of drunk people will make a difference. I'm sold...however it's a bit far for me to go.

By the way, the website states that if you plan a rally in a city near you and it's strong enough, they'll consider it if you e-mail your ideas to karen@zanefest.com. For those who can't make it to the rallies but want to express your support, you can buy "Save Three Sheets" t-shirts. But if you live near LA or NYC, and you want to drink with Zane and fight for his show, make sure you go out. You can even register at MeetNowLive.com to get details on which bars Zane will be at and to get some free drink tickets.

There are many more details here.

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Bob said...

hey great support Kevin!! See you in NYC I hope!! And thanks for the Meet Now Live love.