Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advertising on High School Tests

A calculus teacher in California ran into a problem when his school cut his copying budget. He was allowed $316 for copying when in reality, he needed atleast $500 for printing tests for his students. His solution: selling ad space on his tests.
  • $10 for a quiz
  • $20 for a chapter test
  • $30 for a semester final
It's not like Coca-Cola and American Express are jumping at this opportunity. He's raised $350 so far, and it's come from parents of students or local businesses that parents are connected to, but this teacher's idea can definitely raise eyebrows. The parents can add their own or a famous quote to the bottom of these tests or if it's a business, they can add something else. For example, a local dentist used, "Brace yourself for a great semester! Braces by Henry, Stephen P. Henry, D.M.D."

The idea of advertising on tests immediately sent amusing ideas around in my head, such as:
  • Don't know any of these answers? Call 1-555-Tutor
  • Pstt...Hey...yea, you!...Snap out of it, you're in a classroom. Sponsored by the Anti-Drug Foundation
  • Let's be honest here...your answer to #5? I think you might need our help. -Manure Transport Services
The possibilities could go on and on...good for this teacher for coming up with this idea.

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