Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man Cameos

So apparently they released a movie this past weekend called Iron Man?

Seriously though...I saw it on Saturday and it was pretty awesome. But you obviously haven't looked at the entertainment section of anywhere if you don't know that yet. News has already been released regarding its sequel, due out in 2010, again directed by the one and only Jon Favreau, who truly is money and doesn't even know it (watch Swingers immediately if you didn't get that one).

Anyway, as I waited through the credits to see the little 10 second teaser at the very end, involving a very notable actor, I noticed that Tom Morello was in the credits as "additional electric guitar," or something similar. Turns out he had a cameo as a terrorist!! (See: "Insurgent #5") I wish I had known that going into the movie, because I definitely did not catch that. Also, Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan, who I did not notice in the credits but apparently contributed music to the film as well, had a cameo filmed but it was edited out. Too bad that it got cut out, but it was a cool idea considering one of his aliases is Tony Starks.

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