Monday, May 5, 2008

Illinois Man Gets His Coffin Made

Wow. So many things running through my head right now (God Bless America, for one) after seeing this story...

67-year old Bill Bramanti went through the arduous task of taking strides toward the arrangements for his getting a coffin designed to look like a can of the good ol' Pabst Blue Ribbon. I remember buying some PBR at school once because it was on sale...the staff at the liquor store were practically begging people to buy it. I wondered to myself, "Why the hell do they still brew this stuff? Who seriously drinks it?" Well my question has now been laid to rest.

Best part of the story is Bill threw a party over the weekend, stocking the coffin with ice and what must be his all-time favorite beverage. I'm hoping Bill lives many more years...but man what a funeral that will be. Party hard Bill.

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