Friday, May 16, 2008

CollegeHumor vs. Facebook in...

Beer Pong. For those not familiar with the game, it has become a staple of the college party. Normally, it's played between 2 teams of two, but 1 v. 1 games sometimes occur as well. The standard rules are that each team claims one side of a long table, often decorated by the owners, and the ends of the tables have a diamond formation of 10 cups (amount of cups can vary), about 1/4-1/3rd full of beer. Teams take turns tossing ping pong balls at the opposing formation and sinking a cup results in the opposing team drinking that beer. That cup is then taken away from the formation and the team that sinks all of the cups wins.

There are many variations on the game and usually the house having the party will set out their distinct rules, often on a large sign hung on the wall. Some people dispute that the proper name is Beirut, because apparently the game was derived from another game in which actual ping pong paddles were used. Chances are that the people who are so adamant about calling it Beirut have never played the game with ping pong paddles, so their argument is fact, in 4 years of college, I only saw this supposed "true" beer pong played when watching the movie Beerfest.

Anyway, that said, apparently there were plans for a beer pong match between staff of CollegeHumor and staff of Facebook (thanks to David at Marketing Pilgrim for the story). Facebook wussed out due to concern from their legal and PR departments. I've lost respect for the Facebook staff...that's weak. It'd be one thing if they did play and got shut out (in some instances, getting shut out means the losing team has to streak through the house...not like I know from experience or anything though)...they'd be shamed but atleast they would have taken on the challenge. Boo facebook...I'll keep using you...but boo!

Side Note: It's eerie that when I wikipedia-ed "beer pong," the picture that they use looks just like it could be my sophomore-year roommate (Steve-O) and me...I'll have to find a comparison picture. Also, they claim game time to be "20 minutes or less"? I've played games that have been sent into double overtime that have taken well over twice that long. So there!


David Oblas said...

yeah i definitely played a few games that went well over an hour... over time is ridiculous! My and my one roommate used to shut people out all the time, although we would only enforce the rule if it was girls... (c:

Tom Whalen said...

Wait a minute - the picture that does not show any faces???