Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top Chef Fantasy Game

It's Wednesday...tonight is week 2 of the new season of Top Chef. I gave my predictions for the season last week, which could easily be swayed after tonight's episode...we'll see. For those of you looking to compete with your own predictions, Bravo has a fantasy game for you to play.

How to play you may ask? Simple...just register for free at Bravo's website and choose your team, consisting of 3 contestants, which you can change week to week. Your goal is to rack up the most points based on the point rules for that week, which probably largely stay the same week to week. Here are some examples of the logical point rules:
  • Winning elimination challenge: 6 points
  • Makes a dessert: 5 points
  • In the top group at judges' table but not a winner: 4 points
  • Wins a quickfire challenge: 4 points
  • In the bottoms group at judges' table but does not lose: -4 points
  • Eliminated: -6 points
And here are some examples of some of the fun rules, to make things interesting:
  • Featured in a "coming up next" clip: 3 points
  • Says, "I'm not here to make friends," or a variation: 1 point
  • Gets bleeped: -1 points
  • Cries: -1 points
  • Judge spits out food: -5 points
The "gets bleeped" rule will definitely harm a lot of people because those who have watched the show know that there's a *bleep* load of cussin'.

I racked up 19 points in the debut with 2 of the 3 top scorers (Leah being my missing link) One week may be gone so you might not have the best shot at getting the highest score for the entire season, earning the grand prize, $2500, but you never know. Regardless, there is a prize for the top score for each week: a Top Chef cookbook and an oven mitt.

Sign up! Good luck!


Amanda said...

Hi -- We're also doing something with Top Chef. It's a way to comment on and rate the cooks and judges on Twitter.

- Plodt (Amanda, Mike and Demetrie)

KW said...

Thanks for letting us know "Plodt" (Amanda, Mike and Demetrie) - I'll be sure to check that out.